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Paul Natkin/Getty Images; Steffin Butler/NBCU Photo Bank
4 months ago
They join a list of classic songs, albums, news broadcasts and podcasts.
video screenshot/20th Century-Fox
4 months ago
It was almost never even used for 'Say Anything...'
Fryderyk Gabowicz/picture alliance via Getty Images
4 months ago
It's the song they're best known for in America.
Rhino Records
3 months 4 weeks ago
He ably filled in after Peter Cetera left the band.
Robin Platzer/Getty Images
4 months ago
The feature will include unseen footage of the iconic singer.
Paul Natkin/Getty Images
4 months ago
But some legal eagles caused the song to be lost for over 30 years.
video screenshot/Shout Factory
4 months ago
The cult classic sketch show had some formidable musical guests.
Sire Records
4 months 1 week ago
She first mixed music and movie stardom with this 1987 comedy.