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1 month ago
"Like A Prayer" catapulted the superstar into both controversy and commercial success. Who remembers the Pepsi ad?
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While making the high school coming-of-age movie Vision Quest back in the mid-1980s, producers Jon Peters and Peter Gruber tapped songwriters Jon Lind and John Bettis to write a song for i

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1 month ago
"Smooth Operator," a sensual storm of luxury and jazz-pop, rang in the new reign of frontwoman Sade Adu.
1 month ago
The legendary music video channel was struggling until an old-school ad man saved the day.
SNL YouTube
1 month ago
Marking his first 'SNL' appearance since '89, David Byrne performed The Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime" and "Toe Jam."
1 month ago
On this day in '84, the man, the myth, the legend took home an unprecedented eight Grammys, including Album and Record of the Year. Who remembers seeing the historic moment on TV?
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1 month ago
One of Tom Petty's greatest hits comes with an amazing back story. Stevie Nicks is involved.
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1 month ago
Both the movie and its post-punk/new wave soundtrack would score a direct hit with kids across the country.