Party On, Dudes: 7 Truly Excellent Scenes from 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'

It all started when comedy writers and friends Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon started talking in funny, exaggerated California teenager voices during an improv performance in Los Angeles. They dubbed the resulting characters, two simple, but charming dudes, "Bill" and "Ted."


10 Facts About 1989 Classic "Road House" You Should Know

Patrick Swayze returned to the main stage in the cult classic Road House. Two years after the Dirty Dancing star emerged into the spotlight with his magnetic mambo moves, the actor stepped into the role of a bouncer in 1989's Road House. 

As the film's producer Joel Silver had predicted, the movie about the ways of these "coolers" would become the "best drive-in movie ever made." Here are 10 facts about the 80's action drama you should know!

10. The movie was not filmed in Missouri.