Madonna Surprise Releases Expanded 'True Blue'

'True Blue' 35th Anniversary Edition
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This summer marks the 35th anniversary of Madonna's third album True Blue - and she's given fans a surprise present with an expanded edition of the album.

Like its predecessor, the breakthrough Like a Virgin, 1986's True Blue was a juggernaut, further establishing Madonna as one of the most iconic pop stars of her (or any generation). The album matched Virgin's chart haul of five Top 5 hits: the chart-toppers "Live to Tell," "Papa Don't Preach" and "Open Your Heart," plus "True Blue" and "La Isla Bonita."

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The new 35th anniversary edition doubles the original album thanks to nine bonus tracks - all rare or new-to-digital remixes and instrumental versions from the original singles. (Only two of them were included on a CD reissue in 2001.) The reissue also features an alternate cover, featuring a photo of Madonna taken by the iconic Herb Ritts.


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