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3 years ago
Two of rock's biggest bands went head to head on this day in 1988. Which one would you choose?
2 years 2 months ago
Did we mention Slash furiously shredding a wah guitar solo?
(Mark Downey Lucid Images/Corbis via Getty Images)
1 month ago
The British singer struck gold with this chart-topper after the original version was a UK flop.
Music video
3 years ago
"Well my friends, the time has come..." to commemorate this special Lionel Richie chart anniversary.
Alan Singer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank
3 years ago
If you like Heartbeat City, you'll love this.
3 years ago
Which of these sugary pick-me-up's won "Candy of the Year" in 1985?
Foreigner live circa 1988 (Paul Natkin/Getty Images)
3 years ago
The '70s arena rockers dominated with '80s with the massive power ballad.
(Paramount Pictures)
3 years ago
Sonic the Hedgehog is back with improved graphics and an unhinged Jim Carrey. What's not to love?