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4 years ago
32 years ago, Kenny Rogers called Lionel Richie on the phone and asked him to write him a song.
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3 years ago
Released Nov. 18, 1983, the most popular Christmas movie of all-time was almost a box office flop.
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4 years ago
"I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there."
Duran Duran 1987 (The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)
3 years ago
Arcadia's debut album was released November 18, 1985. Exactly one year later, Duran Duran would return with "Notorious." Which one do you like better?
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4 years ago
Three of the biggest rock acts of the '80s are set to storm football fields next year. Who's in for some epic heavy metal parking lot action?
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3 years 1 month ago
One of Whitesnake's biggest hits took more than five years to finally break.
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4 years ago
Released on November 15, 1986, "those three bad brothers you know so well" were just getting started.
(Warner Bros/Columbia-Sony)
4 years ago
Two of rock's biggest bands went head to head on this day in 1988. Which one would you choose?