May 1988: George Michael's "One More Try" is the #1 Song in America

English singer and songwriter George Michael performing on stage during the Japanese/Australasian leg of his Faith World Tour, February-March 1988. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)
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George Michael was smack dab in the middle of a red-hot streak when he released "One More Try," the fifth single from his blockbuster 1987 album, Faith.

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Releasing the single on April 11, 1988, the aching ballad climbed the charts with a quickness, peaking at #1 for the week of May 28, 1988. It held on to the #1 spot for three weeks in a row, finally toppled on June 17, 1988, by Rick Astley's "Together Forever."

Here are five fun facts about George Michael's "One More Try"

1. It was George Michael's third US #1 in a row
With Faith established as one of the year's biggest albums, the singles just kept coming. "One More Try" followed both "Faith" and "Father Figure" to the top of the Hot 100. The next single from the full-length, "Monkey," would also top the US charts. Ultimately, seven of the album's nine tracks were released as singles.

2. George Michael considered "One More Try" a peak performance
"I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s certainly my best vocal," the singer told No. 1 magazine in 1987. "I actually wrote the whole thing from start to finish in eight hours. We recorded it the same day. What happened was I was working on another song which was going disastrously then this just came out."

3. Elton John was a fan and had some thoughts
"Elton likes it. I played it to him a few months ago," Michael revealed. "But he doesn’t think it’s as much like him as ‘Kissing A Fool’. He thinks that’s like ‘Idol’ off his Blue Moves album. I don’t agree though, ‘Idol’ is a great song, and it’s got a similar style." Years later, Elton praised the track on his Beats 1 radio show: "I don't get jealous of many songs, but I'm jealous of this song. I'd love to have written this."

4. George Michael thought "One More Try" was better than "Careless Whisper"
“The best songs are my ballads. I will probably be remembered for my ballads over the next five or 10 years, Michael said in a record company bio. "While ‘Careless Whisper’ was loved by many, it did nothing for me emotionally. Most likely because it seems like it’s from another lifetime. On the other hand, ‘One More Try’ is a ballad very close to my heart. Many people compare the two. But for me, there is no comparison.”

5. The music video for "One More Try" was directed by Tony Scott
Famous for his work on such big-screen blockbusters including Top Gun and True Romance, Tony Scott served as director on the stark music video. The moody and atmospheric clip captures Michael singing the heartfelt song in an empty high-rise apartment. Watch it below.


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