Bon Jovi Recruits Prince Harry for Uplifting Charity Song "Unbroken"

Prince Harry, Jon Bon Jovi
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Jon Bon Jovi has joined forces with former British royal Prince Harry and the Invictus Games Choir to release the stirring charity single "Unbroken." Listen to the new version below. 

Opening with Jovi and the choir singing "I was born to be of service/ Basic training felt just like home/ I had honor, I found purpose/ "Sir, yes, sir," that's what I know," the song will benefit the Invictus Games Foundation, which aids military personnel who have been injured or fallen ill during their service. 

Recorded at London's iconic Abbey Road studios earlier this year, the song was originally released in 2019 in the soundtrack of the documentary To Be of Service as a tribute to veterans suffering from PTSD.

“With military people, there’s a way of being able to talk about the scars of war in a positive way,” Harry, Duke of Sussex, said in a statement. “Some suffer from post-traumatic stress, some of them suffer from depression, anxiety, but they are stronger for it. Those are the kind of ambassadors and role models that we need.”

“I just got inspired to write a song from it," Jon Bon Jovi shared. "It’s touching, their desire to serve and what they gave, and what they get out of singing.”

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