LISTEN: Madonna Brings the Rhythm to "Like a Prayer" in Surprise Live Album

'Madame X - Music from the Theater Xperience'
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On Oct. 8, Madonna partnered with Paramount+ to premiere a documentary on her most recent Madame X tour - and she also surprised fans with a live album taken from those shows in 2020.

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Madame X - Music from the Theater Xperience is Madonna's most unique live release in her nearly 40-year career. That's no surprise, since the tour itself was among her most striking: this time, she bypassed stadiums and arenas in favor of an intimate but still intense and high-energy show, making multi-night stands at theaters and auditoriums like Los Angeles' Wiltern, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the London Palladium and Lisbon, Portugal's Coliseu dos Recreios - where the 20-track album was recorded.

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One can always count on Madonna to boldly look forward, and while plenty of songs from Madame X, her 14th album, comprise the set list, she would close her main sets with one of her most enduring '80s classics: "Like a Prayer." As you can hear above, she stripped the song back considerably for the Madame X tour - just her vocal, an electronic rhythm and the ever-present choir - but the delivery diminishes none of the song's power more than 30 years later. That's right, it'll still take you there.

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