February 1983: Prince Releases "Little Red Corvette"

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Prince's “Little Red Corvette" made him a star in 1983 - the breakout single from his 1999 album was of irresistible pop-rock caliber that scored the unrepentant artist his first US Top 10 US hit in '83. 

37 years ago, the ode to lovemaking - in all its casual glory - peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Prince was only 24 when he recorded “Little Red Corvette,” and nearly four decades later, the single remains one of Prince's essential hits that established his expertise in all matters of pop and of the flesh. 

Little Red Corvette

Revolution keyboardist Lisa Coleman shared with BBC what may have sparked Prince's lyrical inspiration for the song. "Prince was always borrowing my car because it was awesome."

"It was a '64 Mercury Montclair, pink and white, and it was just the perfect cruise-mobile on a beautiful day in Minneapolis," Coleman reminisced. "He actually put a couple of dents in it, because it was so big. He'd come up to me and mumble, 'Hey Lisa, sorry about your car'. So I'd run out to inspect the damage and there'd be a little dent with some yellow paint from a pole he'd reversed into, and I'd go, 'Damn it. Watch where you're going!'"

Prince's fascination with the car would service as the perfect vehicle to channel the serious consequences that comes with one-night-stands, as Prince describes his dismay in finding his heroine's "pocket full of horses, Trojan, and some of them used"  and realizing that she is "the kinda person that believes in makin' out once, lov' em and leave 'em fast." 

For a song awash in the heavy physical, emotional, and psychological attributes of sex, the post-disco number "Little Red Corvette" takes an honest look at the most in-depth interaction between humans to the groove of funk-rock and an explosive guitar solo. 

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