Don't Stop Believin': Totally 80s Looks Back at 1981 in Latest Podcast

The Music of 1981 Part 2
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The Totally 80s Podcast continues its look back at the music of 1981 with a new episode this week!

Lyndsey Parker and John Hughes are once again joined by writer Scott T. Sterling to break down the hits, misses and trends of MTV's first year. While New Wave acts are near and dear to their hearts, everyone acknowledges there were plenty of other types of music capturing America by storm at the time - and each of them have unique memories of what hit radio in their towns the hardest, plus some grand unified theories on the themes and trends of the year, with 40(!) years of hindsight.

From "I Want Candy" to "Don't Stop Believin'," you'll find so much to love on this one. Check it out here or wherever you get your favorite podcasts!

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