WATCH: Rick Springfield, Coheed and Cambria Unveil "Jessie's Girl" Sequel

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield has joined forces with Coheed and Cambria to release a sequel to his 1981 smash hit "Jessie's Girl." Watch the accompanying music video below. 

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Dubbed "Jessie's Girl 2," the collaboration came when Coheed frontman Claudio Sanchez suggested writing a sequel to Springfield's classic tune during a live Instagram chat with Springfield, who replied, “Well, I’d really, really interested in hearing that. I’d like to know what happens myself, actually" and agreed to join along.


Jessie’s Girl 2 Pitch

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The singer had come across the girl in question during a stained-glass class in Pasadena when she began dating a friend of his named Gary.

Springfield found himself crushing on the girl and thought about a potential song name to title his heart's confessions, but "Gary's Girl" just didn't have the same ring to it. The name didn't stick, but the girl did - a few months later, when Springfield was tossing around ideas for his fifth album Working Class Dog, he transformed his romantic angst into confessional lyrics, strong-armed with a irresistible hook. 


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