Falco's 'Emotional' Coming Home As Deluxe Edition in October

Falco's 'Emotional (Deluxe Edition)'
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In the United States, Austrian singer Falco's career peaked with 1986's chart-topping bop "Rock Me Amadeus" - the first and only song in German to top the U.S. charts. But as a forthcoming deluxe edition of his fourth album Emotional proves, that wasn't the end of his story.

Emotional was released at the tail end of 1986, after "Amadeus" and follow-up "Vienna Calling" placed on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was, like its predecessor, produced by the Dutch team of Bolland & Bolland, and combined all sorts of eclectic pop-rock styles as filtered through the late singer's European perspective. Lead single "The Sound of Musik" was a club success around the world, and "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2 - One Year Later)," a sequel to the previous year's controversial "Jeanny," also found a home on several charts in Europe.

Now, a deluxe version of Emotional, available Oct. 29, will bring together the newly-remastered original album on CD alongside two bonus discs packed with 18 remixes, edits and instrumentals - some never before released on CD and one, an instrumental of "The Sound of Musik," never released at all. (You can hear one of them, an extended mix of "Emotional" with English lyrics, above.) The set will also include, for the first time on DVD, selections from a live performance in Frankfurt, Germany that was aired on local television.

Additionally, the remastered album will be released on its own on CD and vinyl, with black and transparent red colored LP variants available.

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