From the Vault: Prince Estate Unearths '1999' Rarity, "Don't Let Him Fool Ya"

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In anticipation of Prince's reissued 1999 album releasing later this month, the Prince Estate has released a rare outtake, "Don't Let Him Fool Ya," the third track on the forthcoming Super Deluxe Edition of the quintessential album. 

The official recording of the super funky outtake finds a perfect home in the uptempo groove of the artist's breakthrough album. 

“I like to go with my intuition," read a Prince quote in the press release for the track. "Something hits me and I need to get the track down before I can move on."

Confirmed by the Prince Estate's official Twitter, every part of the song - the bass, live drums, two guitars, keyboards, and layered vocals, were recorded by Prince himself. 

The estate detailed the release in another Tweet, sharing that the song "was recorded in Prince's home studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, with recording engineer Don Batts. Having a studio in his home eliminated Prince's need to delay any recording sessions, so it was easy for him to let the songs flow." 



The new Super Deluxe Edition includes a total of 23 never-before-released studio tracks emerging from the vault, as well as multiple recordings of live performances from the 1999 tour. This also marks the first time that this album is being remastered. 

The album comes out November 29, available in multiple formats, complete with a live audio performance of the "1999" tour from November 30, 1982 in Detroit, Michigan. The cherry on top for the CD and vinyl sets is a DVD recording of another previously unreleased concert from the tour from a show at the Houston Summit in late December that same year. 

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