Hey Hey, They're the New Monkees! Totally 80s Podcast Reunites Rebooted Band

L-R: Jared Chandler, Dino Kovas, Marty Ross, and Larry Saltis of the New Monkees
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The Monkees were a big deal both on TV and on the pop charts in the '60s - but when a new generation discovered them in the '80s, Monkeemania was more than a reunion of the original group...a brand-new group also entered the fray!

That's right, the New Monkees - the short-lived quartet who also starred in their own network series - are the focus of the latest episode of the Totally 80s podcast! Hosts Lyndsey Parker and John Hughes have done the seemingly impossible, reuniting New Monkees members Jared Chandler, Dino Kovas, Marty Ross and Larry Saltis to share their memories of their brief time in the spotlight.

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While the music and TV show were nothing like the original that kids were rediscovering on MTV and Nickelodeon at the time, the New Monkees featured a version of the sort of silly fun that made The Monkees such pop icons. And, like those classic albums, the new group's sole LP had more than a few buried pop treasures!

Everybody's invited, so don't let them down: check out the full interview below, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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