Motley Crue on Fate of Reunion Tour: "We Don't Decide This"

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As the live music industry quietly folds for the time being and concerts become a faint reminder of life before COVID-19, the massive Motley Crue  headlined-stadium tour that was set for this summer remains a giant question mark.

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The reunion tour, joined by Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett, is still set to kick off June 18 in Jacksonville, Florida, but fans have begun to ask the band for ticket funds on social media. 

Motley Crue's latest Instagram post features a picture from their Netflix biopic The Dirtwith the caption, "We wanna knock people on the asses, we gotta give them a show." 






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‘We wanna knock people on the asses, we gotta give them a show’ #mötleycrüe #TheDirt @netflix #muzzlethat

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A fan account named Rocco commented on the post, "Cancel the tour already so your fans can get there money back. No tours are happening this year. Do the right thing. Bon Jovi did."

Another fan named Chloe asked the band for more clarity, writing, "Is this stadium tour on or off????? So confusing with everyone saying different things. Governor said no shows till 2021 so what's going? 😢😢  I have VIP 😢"

Motley Crue replied to their worried fans briefly, "Bands don't decide this. We wait info as well." 

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To another fan, the band replied, "No one had said anything yet" regarding the tour's potential cancellation. 

In spite of the nation-wide lockdowns that are still in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic, Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee recently insisted that the stadium tour is, "still a go." 


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