June 1987: Bananarama Releases "I Heard a Rumour"

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The year 1987 would prove to be both pivotal and contentious for superstar UK girl-group, Bananarama. The ladies kicked off the summer on June 29, 1987, with the release of "I Heard a Rumour," the first single from the trio's fourth album, Wow!

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The song's infectious energy, sparkling production and irreverent music video made it an instant hit, soaring all the way to #4 on the Hot 100 for the week of September 26, 1987. The #1 song in America that week: Whitney Houston's "Didn't We Almost Have It All." "I Heard a Rumour" held onto the #4 spot for two additional weeks.

Helping send the tune up the charts was a spot on the soundtrack for the movie Disorderlies, starring hip-hop act the Fat Boys.

Working on the Wow! album, however, found tensions growing between the group and producers Stock, Aiken and Waterman. Things got so bad that band member Siobhan Fahey would no longer be in the group just months after the album's release, replaced by Jacquie O'Sullivan. Fahey returned to the fold in 2017 for a successful reunion tour.


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