August 1989: "Saved By the Bell" Debuts on NBC

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It was on August 20, 1989, when Kelly Kapowski, Zack Morris, Screech, A.C. Slater and the gang first appeared on the debut episode of Saved By the Bell. While the show was only on the air for four seasons, its impact as left an indelible mark on pop culture, as successive generations discover the classic '80s show.

Fans can celebrate the show's enduring popularity in Los Angeles and Chicago with the launch of a socially-distanced pop-up exhibit that kicks off on August 20, and runs through August 25. New York will have a unique carry-out experience.

“We’ve all seen the hospitality industry turned upside down these past months,” said one of the pop-up’s creators, Derek Berry, via Deadline. “And with fans still yearning for more we saw the opportunity to bring back the Bayside spirit. We’ve loved expanding our pop-up success into working with other nostalgic properties (Good Burger, The Peach Pit, The Breaking Bad Experience, Mooby’s) and in our hearts we knew there was no better time to bring back a taste of Saved by the Bell.”

Guests will be required to pre-order Saved By The Bell-themed meals including a “Bayside Preppy Pack,” as well as menu items like Spano Sides and Snack Attack Desert. There will also be “At Home Detention” carry out kits which will include DIY Screech’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce and the I’m So Excited Coffee experience, a nod to Jessie’s iconic “special episode”.  They will also have some booze for those who are of age with The Attic’s 21+ Beverage menu.

Get more information on the experience here.

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