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Foreigner live circa 1988 (Paul Natkin/Getty Images)
2 years ago
The '70s arena rockers dominated with '80s with the massive power ballad.
(Paramount Pictures)
2 years ago
Sonic the Hedgehog is back with improved graphics and an unhinged Jim Carrey. What's not to love?
Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images
2 years ago
Sweet dreams were made of desperation and necessity.
(Sire/Warner Bros)
1 year ago
That time Madonna shook the world with Nile Rodgers and a wedding dress. Imagine that.
2 years ago
The New Wave dance band's biggest hit would turn out to be a heartfelt ballad.
Michael Putland/Getty Images
2 years ago
Another release from the Prince Estate, a seemingly endless trove of hidden treasures.
(Luciano Viti/Getty Images)
2 years ago
One of the biggest UK post-punk bands comes to America and ends up on the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack.
2 years ago
The band's first live album would prove to be the last full-length stand for "The Fab Five."