LISTEN: New Order Return with New Single "Be a Rebel"

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New Order is back, and they've brought an uplifting call-to-action anthem with them. Bernard Sumner and company have released "Be a Rebel," the first New Order tune in five years.

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“In tough times we wanted to reach out with a new song,” Sumner told NME about the thrilling new track. “We can’t play live for a while, but music is still something we can all share together. We hope you enjoy it…until we meet again.”

Drummer Stephen Morris characterizes the song as "kind of carrying on from Music Complete. It’s a very dance-y song. It’s been a bit strange making a record via remote control, with the song getting batted about backwards and forwards, but hopefully it’s turned out alright! It’s just a one-off at the minute. We thought we’d start with one and then see how it goes.”

Listen to "Be a Rebel" below.

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